Lesson Plans
Elementary Art 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/05/2007 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Kind. the students will listen and participate in the reading of Where the wild things are". This is the last day we will work on this project. So they will color ,cut out and take their book home.
1st- the students will listen and respond to the book. " Bringing the rain to kapati plain". We will talk about the area and culture, color ,cut and glue images, maty get done or almost done to finish up a little bit next week.
2nd- The students will glue on the other half of their rainhsticks, they will be to wet to take home, but I cshould be able to deliever them the next day.
3rd- Missed last week, so this week we will continue with watercoloring, they are doing a follow painting. i am hoping to help them develope more watercolor skills of their own.
4th- The students are working on their own watercolorings, learning where the tools are they need, how to set up what they need, work and clean up more independantly.
I want to see how theyy create on thir own, we did talk about design and they drew with pencil before they started to color.