Lesson Plans
Elementary Art 4th Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/22/2002 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
Kind. -Read "Where the Wild Things are" We will make a book that tells the story by coloring and cutting out a Max,4 wild things, fold a boat for Max to sail away in, Create a Book with a pocket in it to hold all the pieces. I try to read and talk about it enough to help them learn to memories this story.
2nd grade-We finished our books, how to stitch them together, strory to write,names
1st grade- Watercolor painting using pointilism, look at the work of Seaurt for ideas on how to paint, we will work on a vase and flowers
3rd grade- Watercolor painting - concentrating on what the prairie looks like and how and why the earth and sky should look like they touch in their art work
4th grade-Work on how to rip brown paper in a skin form and how to transfer their drawings to the "skin" Need to think about size, color, form and how to tell a story.