Lesson Plans
Elementary Art 4th Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/03/2006 Instructor: Tina Richards Academics
2nd grade- 1:30-2:15- Read the book " down by the river" students will begin to color the pages. Name on every page!. Do the coloring in an orderly fashion. Keep in school.
Kind.- 2:15-3:00 Read the book " Where the wild things are" with noises, students know these. Finish coloring the pages. cut out the wildthings and everything else. these will go into their folder, book. they can use these to practice telling the story to each other in groups of two. send Home
Hannah will have an aid.
1st. grade- 2:15-3:00 read the book Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain" the students will finish coloring their pages. on a lage sheet of paper folded in half, they will write the yitle and aythor and their name. the students should also do a drawing for this title page. It need more work , they should do a drawing on the back also. Take Home, Incourage neat work. Don't need to rush.
3rd grade-2:15-3:00 separate Michelle and Kaitlynn. The class has some trouble with each other, be strong.
Review Da vinci from the book. students will be given a paper to draw on, with a renissance picture in the packet. they will be expected to draw what they are looking at, color with no markers. Send home.
4th grade- they are studing the art of Andrew Wyeth, I will hav ea drawing for you to give them to draw from.