Lesson Plans
Elementary Music 1st Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
This Week's Objectives: Vocalizing for healthy singing, preparing for new concepts of quarter notes, eighth notes, and quarter rests. Reviewing how to play rhythm and beat, knowing the difference
Vocal Development: Animal sounds, sirens, spinning, whirling of the voice, high, low
2 Part/Children's Standard: Review This Old Man, LIttle Bird
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural:Walking Song (1st record 1,Side 1) Talk about Jamaica
Kodaly Songs,Stories/Learning/Practices: Finish Johnny Works story, practice beat, New story with Lamb Chop for Baa, Baa
Instrument Applications:Percussion to Green Grows Willow Tree, rhythm/beat with This Old Man,
Listening: Jamaican Walking Song, add percussion and mvt.
Movement/Recordings:Little Bird Through My Window (1st/Record 2/SideA)
Activities/Game Songs: Stamping Land
Vocal Development:Concepts of inhale, exhale
2 Part/Children's Standard:Head and Shoulders
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural:Sing a Song of September
Kodaly Songs,Stories/Learning/Practices: Review Naughty Pussy Cat, review high,low soft/loud, slow/fast. Have children lead rhythm and beat practices. New story about Peas Porridge Practice beat with transparencies
Instrument Applications: Drums, color percussion for September song, Cat song
Movement/Recordings:Roll and Rock, record 1
Activities/Game Songs:
Vocal Development: Concept of sound on the air
2 Part/Children's Standard: Sing Baa, Baa, New Monkey in the Chair
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Acorn Song, Gatatumba (1st/record 1/side B)
Kodaly Songs,Stories/Learning/Practices: Tabby Poem, Ring around the Rosie, Johnny Works, Engine,Engine,
Instrument Applications:Percussion with Acorn song, Engine Engine
Movement/Recordings:Monkey in the Chair recording 1st/record1)
Activities/Game Songs:Who Has the Penny
Vocal Development:Concept of singing is connected speech
2 Part/Children's Standard:Polly Put the Kettle On
Kodaly Songs,Stories/Learning/Practices: Review Poor Bird, Tabby Poem. Introduce the rhythm concepts; practice with 1-2 tie my shoe
Instrument Applications:Everybody plays drums practicing new concepts
Activities/Game Songs:New, "Walk Along John", Monkey in the Chair play game
Vocal Development: Review everything
2 Part/Children's Standard:
Kodaly Songs,Stories/Learning/Practices:Reading and playing the new rhythm concepts, Who;s that Comin' Down the Street, more transparencies
Instrument Applications: Play rhythm sticks along with transparencies.
Listening:Here Sits a Monkey, listen for instruments: (1st, Record 1, side A)
Activities/Game Songs:-