Lesson Plans
Elementary Music 1st Grade 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/04/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Finish up our drawings for our Classical piece;titles, coloring
Tell story for Acka Backa, do the song and actions. Review What's Your Name song
Practice saying and clapping patterns
Introduce the staff
Vocalize:belly breathing, voice floating up into head
Kodaly Work:Review Acka Backa, story about Snowman. Tell story about the bouncing ball
Instruments:add percussion for the Acka Backa song. Do patterns
Folk Music/Multi-Cultural:All Around the Kitchen record 1A
Mvt./Activities:Play Snowman game.
Vocalize:echo singing, spinning, low breath, exhaling
Kodaly Work:Puppet story about the clock, sing Snowman song, sing Bounce High song
Instruments:drum patterns to go with Snowman song.
Folk Music/Multi-Cultural:Skip to My Lou record 1B
Mvt./Activities:Play Bounce High game
Vocalize:low breath, relaxed face, bouncing belly
Kodaly Work:Review Acka Backa, Snowman, Bounce High, Clock Song
Instruments:add percussion to Clock Song and actions
Folk Music/Multi-Cultural:Gatatumba record 1B
Mvt./Activities:Do the same/different movement game, changing levels and shapes
Vocalize:relaxed jaw and tongue, breath going through the voice
Kodaly Work:Review all new songs. Clap patterns to discover. Listen for the high and low. Introduce the staff, start transparencies.
Instruments:none today
Folk Music/Multi-Cultural:Raise a Ruckus record 1B