Lesson Plans
Elementary Music 2nd Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Objectives this Week: Be able to sing and play the solfege and rhythms of all concept songs, be able to write rhythms, notes on the board, improvisation on mallet instruments, take dictations
Vocal Development: inhale, exhale concepts
2 part/Children's Standard: Punchinella
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Tue Tue (Book 2/Record 2
Kodaly Songs/Learning/Practices:Sing concept songs, solfege,rhythms, letter ladder
Instrument Applications: Use percussion with concept songs and transparencies. Finish story about Mighty Pretty Motion
Movement/Recordings:Create movement for phrases of the songs
Activities/Game Songs: Play Punchinella
Vocal Development: Practice vocalizing up and down
2 part/Children's Standard: Review Mighty Pretty Motion
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Sing a Song of September
Kodaly Songs/Learning/Practices: Work with transparencies, practice patterns on mallet instruments
Instrument Applications:Children's ideas for September song color percussion
Movement/Recordings:Movement with Tue, Tue
Activities/Game Songs:Play Lemonade
Vocal Development: singing on the air, inhale, sing as you exhale
2 part/Children's Standard: Rig a Jig Jig
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Tue, Tue, talk about Ghana, look at a map
Kodaly Songs/Learning/Practices:More transparencies, work at the board
Instrument Applications: Drum circle
Listening: -
Movement/Recordings: Mighty Pretty Motion
Activities/Game Songs: Teach the Thread Follows
Vocal Development: keeping shoulders down , relaxation of the face
2 part/Children's Standard: If You're Happy
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Play for Ma Dogoma (Africa) (Book 2/Record 1)
Kodaly Songs/Learning/Practices: Use felt mats, chips. Do some dictations
Instrument Applications:-
Movement/Recordings: See above
Activities/Game Songs: Play Rig a Jig Jig
Vocal Development: review the week's concepts
2 part/Children's Standard:
Seasonal/Multi-Cultural: Review Tue Tue, Ma Dogoma, Song of September
Kodaly Songs/Learning/Practices:Improvisation of patterns on bells, do more transparencies
Instrument Applications:see above
Movement/Recordings: Shake Hands Mary (Book 2/Record 1)
Activities/Game Songs: Circle Round the Zero