Lesson Plans
Elementary Music 3rd Grade 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/04/2010 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Finish our drawings: color, label, titles, hang in hallway; listen to the piece numerous times.
Vocalize:low breaths, floating voice; Laugh Ha, Ha
Kodaly Work:Review Letter Song, Grinding Corn. Continue Morris' story about going on the ship
Instruments:add patterns to Letter Song
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Review Ram Sam Sam Record 2A
Mvt./Activities:Play Alabama Gal
Vocalize:low breaths, steady exhale
Kodaly Work:Sing song about Haarlem, practice rhythms
Instruments:Add patterns to Grinding Corn
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Review Mama Paquita Record 1B p.18
Mvt./Activities:sing Supercalifragislistic, use old books
Vocalize:low breaths, tongue down, throat relaxed, sigh glides
Kodaly Work:Need story for Old Ark, Sing Wind Song
Instruments:Practice syncopa, add sounds for wind, mallet ostinatos
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Review Ain't Gonna Rain Record 1B p. 24
Mvt./Activities:Play Haarlem
Vocalize:low breaths, spinning sounds up and down, relaxed face jaw
Kodaly Work: Sing all our new songs. Tell new note story
Instruments:none today
Folk/Multi-Cultural:Review But the Cat Came Back Record 1B p. 20, Pretoria