Lesson Plans
Elementary Music Kindergarten 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Objectives this Week: Vocal discovery, following drum, low breath, involvement with finger plays, paying attention, trying new percussion for sound effects
Vocal Development: Review the four voices
Children's Songs/Finger Plays:Bus Song, 5 Soldiers, Where is Thumbkin
Kodaly Songs/Stories:Finish Sally Story, Review 5 Little Ducks
Instrument Application:Add percussion to the Ducks song, Bus song
Creative Mvt./Dancing/Recordings: Movement to Yankee Doodle
Game Songs: I Pop Up
Vocal Development: Making our voice go higher, and adding more air
Children's Songs/Finger Plays:2 Little Apples, 5 Soldiers, Itsy Bitsy Spider
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Sing Sally Song, New story about the Bees, Five Little Ducks
Instrument Application: Add sound percussion to Itsy Bitsy,
Creative Mvt./Dancing/Recordings: Eeency Weency Spider recording
Game Songs:
Vocal Development: High and low with our voices, spinning the sound and air
Children's Songs/Finger Plays:5 Monkeys (Milton on the phone), Acorn Song story
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Practice Bee songs, Do Sing Me Your Name with Beanie Bears
Instrument Application: Add percussion to Bee songs, introduce drums
Creative Mvt./Dancing/Recordings: Movement to Camptown Races tune
Game Songs:Teach Sally Game
Vocal Development: Practice above concepts
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: 2 Little Apples, Mulberry Bush
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Do Sing Me Your Name with little puppets, Story about Johnny.
Instrument Application: Add percussion sounds to the job tasks in Mulberry Bush
Creative Mvt./Dancing/Recordings: Farmer in the Dell
Game Songs:
Vocal Development: Continue practice
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: Farmer in the Dell, Criss Cross Apple Sauce
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Story about a Red Caboose
Instrument Application: Practice the beat in many ways
Creative Mvt./Dancing/Recordings:Farmer in the Dell, Mulberry Bush
Game Songs: