Lesson Plans
Elementary Music Kindergarten 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/21/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Objectives this Week: Discover more about our voices, practice beat with percussion, learn some new singing games, and do actions with our songs.
Vocal Development:high and low with our voices
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: Spider, 2 Little Apples
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Busy Buzzy Bee, Sing Me Your Name
Instruments:Sound effects for 5 Little Ducks
Creative Mvt/Dancing/Records:
Game Songs:Beanie Bears for Sing Me Your Name
Vocal Development:Air in our voice
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: Acorn Song, How Do you do?
Kodaly Songs/Stories: All the Little Ducklings. Pollyanna
Instruments:Percussion for Beehive Song
Creative Mvt/Dancing/Records:
Game Songs:Play Johnny
Vocal Development: Relaxing our face
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: Mulberry Bush
Kodaly Songs/Stories: I Pop Up, Bye Bye baby
Instruments:Acorn song percussion, and Ducklings song
Creative Mvt/Dancing/Records:Where is Thumbkin Record 1
Game Songs:Farmer in the Dell
Vocal Development:Going high and low
Children's Songs/Finger Plays: Muffin man
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Story about the naughty cat, Bye Baby with the bears
Instruments:drums, sounds for Mulberry Bush
Creative Mvt/Dancing/Records:Spider record 1
Game Songs:
Vocal Development:-
Children's Songs/Finger Plays:-
Kodaly Songs/Stories: Little Turtle, Lassie Song
Creative Mvt/Dancing/Records:Mulberry Bush
Game Songs: Mulberry Bush, Naughty Pussy Cat, Little Sally, Pollyanna