Lesson Plans
Elementary Music Kindergarten 2nd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/16/2009 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
We will continue our dramatization of We Need a Little Christmas, starring Kristy and Mickey. So far we have hauled out the holly, put up a tree, placed candles in the window, and hung up the stockings. This song is long and may take a few days to be fully realized. In the meantime, we have successfully role played Jingle Bells, and Jolly Old St. Nicholas. Those we are truly rehearsing now!
In these next two days we will work on role playing the songs, Must Be Santa, and Little Drummer Boy.
It is likely that a number of children will have opportunities to play some small percussion instruments to accompany the pieces.
By today, we might be able to start the song Must Be Santa. We are going to learn this song through a series of clues that will come out of a bag.
Today the Kgtn children will be attending the musical about Dr. Seuss characters "Seussical" in Westbrook
Mrs. Knott will be accompanying the musical, so a substitute will have the children do coloring and artwork for our program.