Lesson Plans
Elementary Music WB 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/01/2008 Instructor: Constance Knott Academics
Kgtn: We are practicing fingerplays, songs and stories, dancing,drums, concepts of high and low, soft and loud, and slow and fast as well as keeping the beat. Songs: Red Caboose, Acorn Song, Rain,RAin, I Have a Pumpkin, AUtumn Leaves, Six Little Mice, Bye Baby. Fingerplays: Mr. Wiggle, Chop, Chop. Dance Activities: Lassie, What SHall We Do, Red Caboose
1st Grade: Practicing writing rhythms, listening to patterns and saying out loud, figuring out patterns in songs we are learning, reading and saying and playing rhythms. We are using transparencies, song booklets, doing body movement for phrases and rhythms, singing parts to songs, playing games. Quarter notes, quarter rests, and eighth notes.
2nd Grade: Learning meter, doing inner ear listening with do-mi-sol-la, singing songs with do-re-mi, figuring out the solfege and rhythm patterns in songs we are learning. We are reading all the above from transparencies and booklets of more songs. We are doing lots of body movements to reinforce these concepts, and playing singing games. On Wednesday we will play percussion instruments and read patterns.
3rd Grade: We will be learning two new notes this week: low sol and low la. We've been learning new songs and games: Old Ark, Alabama Gal, Canoe Song, I've Been to Haarlem, Amasee. We are singing rounds, reciting two poems, and learning some American Indian games and songs. We are reviewing rhythms and notes from last unit.
4th Grade: We will be learning a new rhythm pattern this week. Stories and new songs are keeping us busy: Tommy Tinker, Silver Birch, Cumberland Gap, Welcome Here, Babylone, Buffalo Boy, Working on the RAilroad. We also will be singing rounds and playing some singing games. We rehearse our known pitches and rhythms daily.