Lesson Plans
Elementary Spanish 4th Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/27/2009 Instructor: Candice Duerksen Academics
Students try to find the answers for the questions that deal with school supplies by reading the clues.
Review all clothing vocabulary by playing "Viste mi robot" where students are in groups and need to spin the wheel, say the correct piece of clothing to pick up the item and put it on their robot. The first group to do so wins!
Students do activity "Yo necesito" in class. Each student has 2 different colored animals. Practicing their animals and adj. agreement, students need to go around the classroom and ask every student if they have the animal/color that they are looking for. Each student needs to give away 2 animals of diff. color and pick up 2.
Students start cutting out objects and pasting them in the correct spots.
No class - HS ditch cleaning