Lesson Plans
English 1 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Question, brainstorm, thesis due.
Hand back old papers
Discuss adding paragraph #1 to assignment
Begin to discuss Hiro. wkst. #1
Go over characters.

"Decision to drop the bomb"-some more of video to set up background for study.
Hiro. wkst. #1 finish. Quiz on Wednesday.
Hand back question,brainstorm, and thesis to add paragraph # 1 for Thursday/discuss how marked
Noun review handout after lunch to work on.
Begin to go over Noun review with diagramming intro.
Spell Study # 1 continue-
Quiz over Hiro. lst notes and wkst. #1
Hand out Vocab sheet
Essay, Q, brain. thesis and paragraph # 1 due
Hiro. vocab do over.
Hiro. wkst. #2/work time
Noun review continue
Spell Study # 1 continue/finish-Test on Monday.
Noun review quiz-if done with review sheets.
Hiro. wkst #2 work time