Lesson Plans
English 1 2nd Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/01/2008 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Hand back quizzes and essays. Discuss results of essay, Would you pass state writing test?
Continue to go over author/book notes for first quiz on Wed.
Finish author/book notes
Review revolution information and author/book information for quiz on Wed.
Spell Game #3 handout
Tale Worksheet #1 time to work
Tale quiz #1
Go over Spell Game #3 word list
Begin to go over Tale worksheet # 1
Grammar review-aux verbs if time
Finish aux verb study if necessary/quiz on Friday
Spell Study #3
Tale worksheet # 1 finish/video piece
Spell Study #3
Quiz over action, link, and aux verbs with diagramming
Finish Tale worksheet #1, start #2 if time.
Mon. Sub-Begin Essay project #3-