Lesson Plans
English 1 Block 3 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/20/2012 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Go over syllabus/rules/IR information-NWEA testing for new lexiles
1. Start to go through lst notes/WWII-emphasize literal and inferential meaning when reading. Make list of what those terms mean and examples
2. Essay #1/discuss format-Brainstorming and thesis due on Wednesday
3. Spelling Unit #1-game-due on Tuesday
Video-Begin to go through The Decision to Drop the Bomb
1. Hiro. finish lst notes/quiz on Wednesday if done with notes-Handout books/vocabulary unit -FRONTLOAD vocabulary-do sentences for Thursday
2. Go over Spelling list-Latin
1. Begin Spell study #1
2. Collect brainstorming and thesis-go over-handback for revision if thesis won't work. Recollect.
3. Grammar handout on Punctuation-do End marks together, do lst page of Commas for Thursday
4. Hiro. lst notes quiz
Read Part 1-do Q's 1-8. for Friday
1. Go over Hiro. Vocabulary work-exercises at bottom of page.
2. Grammar study-punct review, lst page of comma study
3. Spelling Study 1 cont.
4. Reading time for Hiro.1/2 Part 1
Cont. Spell study #1
Part I-Hiro. Q's 1-8.-read aloud parts-assignment for Monday
Essays back-assign. para. #1-Monday-intro. thesis plus hook