Lesson Plans
English 1 Period 4 4th Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/14/2007 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Finish Tale # 6 with the story of Gaspard
CAP review, try to finish
Hand out Spell # 7 game to work on
CAP review finish
Quiz on board over CAP plus diagramming
Tale video, storming of the Bastille if time
Spell study # 7 through "success"
Class just from 12:00-12:30-Video piece of Bastille and hand out Tale worksheet # 8
Mr. Lewis assembly from 12:30-1:30PM
Review Tale vocab for test on Mon.
Go over Tale # 8 material
Any CAP review to finish
Spell Study # 7
Watch Darnay's arrest in Tale video
Hand out Tale # 9 for kids to work on
"A Bug's Life"-"Lost World" next