Lesson Plans
English 10 1st Q 04.05 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/20/2004 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Review spell/vocab sentences.

Reduction--phrases: definitions; participial and appositive phrases; ex. 1-7.

Review characterization--static/dynamic, motivations, markers of character (behavior, statements, statements to/about).

Plot/plot structure--definitions: intro, rising tension/complications, climactic moment (dramatic/technical), denoument; discuss plot of "The Tunnel"; read "Dog Star", consider plot/plot structure.
Spell/vocab quiz.

Review phrases; verbals: participial and infinitive phrases , ex 9-11, 16-18; phrase and clause poetry.

Review "Dog Star", draw graphic representation of plot structure; read "Jug of Silver", write plot structure analysis.
Review spell/vocab quiz.

Review "Jug of Silver"; quiz on literary and writing terms; type plot structure analysis.

Type phrase/clause poetry. Review phrases--exchange poems, check for properly named forms.
Review phrases (sentence elements)--gerund phrases: ex. 13-15.

Setting: definition; discuss setting in "Dog Star", contrast with "Jug of Silver"; read "By the Waters of Babylon", consider the importance of setting.
Review "By the Waters of Babylon"; read "To Build a Fire", consider development of place.

Review phrases: gerund, participle, or verb? ex.

See video: "Romeo and Juliet".