Lesson Plans
English 10 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/27/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Review expository body paragraphs; essay structure.
Practice BST--10th Grade Writing test: prompt to thesis statement, thesis statement to topic senctences, topic sentences to body paragraphs, conclusion strategies.
BST--10th Grade Writing: 1st-3rd periods.
Review of literary elements: plot/conflict, characterization, theme, setting, point of view; define plot/conflict--intro to conflict, rising tension, technical/dramatic climax, denoument; plot structure; conflict types--vs. nature, vs. society, vs. person, vs. self; read "Leiningen Verses the Ants", p. 550, Prentice Hall Literature; list events in each phase. Which type of conflict dominates?
Review "Leiningen Verses the Ants"; create plot diagram.
Read "Jug of Silver", (handout p.p. 10-26, "A Book of Short Stories"); list events in each plot phase for each plot; list conflicts; diagram. Write a paragraph that supports the theme of plot structure.
Review "Jug of Silver". Type plot structure paragraphs.
Read "Two Friends, p.p. 102-108, Prentice Hall Literature; write plot structure paragraph.
Formal vs. informal language: pronoun usage; sentence elements--the subject, verb, direct object.
Review "Two Friends". Type plot structure paragraphs.
Pronoun usage: sentence elements--the direct object.