Lesson Plans
English 10 3rd Q 02.03 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/03/2003 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
11:30 Pre-register for next year's classes.
Type "Jug of Silver" plot structure paragraphs; turn in paragraph, list, diagram.
Consider elements of the paragraph--topic sent. on structure, big events summary, conflict type, climactic moments.
Irony defined--situational, dramatic, verbal; read "Two Friends", p.p. 102-108, Prentice Hall Literature; write plot structure para. and discuss irony.
Review "Two Friends"; type plot structure/irony para.
Review plot terms (handout).
Formal vs. informal language: pronoun usage; sentence elements--the subject/verb; definition, identification; exercise.
Plot terms quiz.
Characterization--definition, characterization methods, motivation, dynamic/static characteristics; consider Leiningen; what sort of character--evidence; consider Appleseed; what sort of character--evidence; consider the two friends in "Two Friends"? Read "Through the Tunnel", do character worksheet (handout).
Review "Through the Tunnel".
Pronoun usage; sentence elements--direct object; definition, identification; exercise.
Read "Nancy"; respond to character in a paragraph(s)--elements: physical characteristics, motivations, dynamic/static characteristics, methods of characterization.
Pronoun usage--subject/verb/direct object definition, identification exercise.