Lesson Plans
English 10 4th Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 05/06/2002 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
The Grapes of Wrath--list themes in 11-12: change, relationship between farmer and land, road as metaphor for artery; read chapter 13.
Creative mapping radio show, list three items in town to map.
Review progressives-regular tenses/passive-active voice, handouts.
The Grapes of Wrath--review chapter 13; spell/vocab 2a handout; read chapters 14-15, respond to handout .
Quiz on passive-active voice/progressive-regular tenses.
spell/vocab 2e handout.
The Grapes of Wrath--select one of the paragraphs from the response handout on chapters 14-15, type; read chapter 16; respond to handout; spell/vocab 1c.
Review the Qualties of Good Writing: Clarity, handout exercise.
Macbeth video.
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