Lesson Plans
English 2 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/07/2009 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No class--Labor Day
Welcome to class; introductions

Reading--read the class description; underline unfamiliar words/phrases, note questions; group to find/list common words/phrases/questions; discuss words/phrases/questions in large group; what are "mature themes"? what's "rich in cultural significance" mean?

List behaviors of good readers

Intro to article of the week activity, grading; pass out selection options: small town streets; President Obama's address; evaluation criteria: paragraphs and sentences

The President's speech to students--what do we know about it? what can we anticipate? why shouldn't we view it? the role of school, the teacher, and academic freedom; the President's address; did what we anticipate come to pass? passages that struck you as better/more important; your educational goals: list three (for the class, for the future); select one and develop as a paragraph; type

Independent reading book selection

NWEA testing

Article of the week due

Deeper reading--read from "Voyage" (Caputo), beginning para of chapter 14; modeling: what does the quality of the magazines and the qualities of the characters' interaction with them say about the characters?

"Brave New World"--intro: what we know about human cloning/genetic engineering; a tour of a future's progenitive industry: what's it look like? how we get moral and cultural values; Huxley and satire and science fiction; the final test: essay questions--what specific problems/warnings offered by Huxly have already come true in our society? contrast the economic system in BNW with our economic system. which has problems? how so? what keeps John from fitting into the society off the reservation? what's the message of his suicide?; read to page 10: who controls the distribution of labor in our society? why allow Alphas and Betas to develop normally and not the others? controlling production to what ends? what happens in our society?

New article of the week--flip articles