Lesson Plans
English 2 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
"Brave New World"--how we get moral and cultural values; review satire and science fiction

"Brave New World" final test: essay questions--what specific problems/warnings offered by Huxly have already come true in our society? contrast the economic system in BNW with our economic system. which has problems? how so? what keeps John from fitting into the society off the reservation? what's the message of his suicide? what is the quality of morality in the novel/how is it taught? contrast the religious rituals performed by the two societies in the novel/how do our religious rituals compare?

read to page 10: who controls the distribution of labor in our society? why allow Alphas and Betas to develop normally and not the others? controlling production to what ends? what happens in our society?

Spell/Vocab words: burgeoned, prodigious, viviparous, largesse, solemn, uniform, tremulous, indefinitely, immensely, accelerated--use the words in original sentences

Independent Reading

Spell/Vocab--matching; fill in the story blanks

"Brave New World"--read to the end of the chapter; sum up the biology involved in BNW reproduction/population control; make graphic representation of reproduction in BNW

Spell/Vocab--use the words in stories;

"Brave New World"--what's the process of teaching morality in our society? read chapter 2; what's the process of teaching morality in BNW?

Independent Reading

Spell/Vocab--type stories

"Brave New World"--review irony/satire; read to 32; sexual repression/mixed messages/a society of instant gratification
Article of the Week due: "Paying for the Streets"; new article: "At the Fair" due next Friday

"Brave New World"--the beginnings of plot; the metaphors used to show repression; satire by hyperbole; read to the end of