Lesson Plans
English 2 1st Q 13.14 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/07/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Sentence combining--"Hambergers", reivew

Satire--review quiz

Persuasion--getting what you want (someone to do or believe something), and the strategies you use: see Ripkin ad--what's it want and why should we do what it wants us to?; find an add--what's it want and why should we do what it wants us to; read "Force Fed Television", p. 253, what's it want us to do or believe(w) and why should we do it?: list two appeals, select one, explain--how do you figure?

Independent Reading

Sentence combining--"Roadside Attraction", review

Grammar--sentence elements: subject and verb--definition (subject: the do'er or be'er, never in prep. phrase, often in the first position; verb--what's happening, an expression of existence, an auxiliary, or a modal auxiliary, conjugated), examples, a process of identifying, exercise 3, p. 442, ex. 5, p 444

Persuasion--review "Force Fed Television"; review appeals--emotional (pathos), ethical (ethos), logical (logos); do appeals in sales pitches handout, review

Spell/vocab ("Harrison Bergeron")--revise original stories

Sentence combining--"Parable", type and turn in

Persuasion--find an opinion or commentary piece from the Star-Tribune, what's it want the reader to do or believe (w), list and explain two appeals (ethical, logical, emotional) it makes to get the reader to do or believe what it wants (s)

Grammar--sentence elements: subject and verb review ex. 5, p.444; subjects in odd positions or understood, compound--examples, Review B, p. 449

Persuasion--review opinion/commentary; another perspective on appeals: Maslow's theory--powerpoint discussion, select two ads, analyze using Maslow; read "School Uniforms?", analyze using Maslow: what appeals appear, explain (s)

Shakespeare--finish "Romeo and Juliet" video

Persuasion--review "School Uniforms?" reading

Grammar--sentence elements: review Review B, p. 449, quiz