Lesson Plans
English 2 1st Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/19/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Language--sent. elements: sub/do/io identification--review exercises from Friday

A Midsummer Night's Dream--a plot: review 1.2; a new plot: piece together 1 at Egeus entry complaint, piece together Hermia/Theseus response; read 1.1.93-1.1.129, questions; prepare for read around for Tues.: Lysander--Levi, Hermia--Skyler (to 181), Erika (to end), Helena--Brittany (to 245), Melinda (to end)

Notebooks due

Langauge--sent. elements: sub/do/io identification--review exercises

A Midsummer Night's Dream--review questions; do 1.1 to Egeus entry; character groups: the Mechanicals, the mythological characters, the regulars; ; read around 1.1.130-to end; the metaphors; prepare for read around for Wed.: Fairy--Yang, Robin--Ethan

Language--sent. elements: sub/do/io identification quiz

A Midsummer Night's Dream--the metaphors: Lysander's and Helena's; view video through 1.2; read around 2.1 to Oberon's entrance; view video through Demetrius/Helena entrance; quests on Oberon/Titania encounter; prepare for read around for Thurs. to end of 2.1 for Thurs.: Demetrius--Emanual, Helena--Brittany, Oberon--Yeng

Language--review quiz; predicate nominative definition, identification, exercises

A Midsummer Night's Dream--review quests; read around from Demetrius entrance to end of 2.1; view video 2.2 to Lysander entrance; prepare for read around for Fri.: Lysander--Ethan, Hermia--Spencer, Robin--Alex, Helena--Isaaac; Demetreus--Wyatt

Language--sent. elements review exercises

A Midsummer Night's Dream--read around to end of 2; prepare for read around for Mond.: Bottom--Brittany, Quince--Emanual, Snout--Erika, Starveling--Spencer, Flute--Ethan, Robin--Yeng

Notebooks due Monday