Lesson Plans
English 2 2nd Q 10.11 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/25/2010 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
"To Kill a Mockingbird"--intro to The Great Depression: the stock market crash, unemployment rates; video

"To Kill a Mockingbird--intro to The Great Depression: unemployment during the presidencies since 1940; the Great Depression in the south--what's the most shocking stat; spell/vocab (TKMB chapter 1): list, define, find in chapter, use in sentence, fill sentence blanks

"To Kill a Mockingbird"--values survey; the portfolio assignment; Harper Lee, the biographiesrelationship with Capote, her isolation; read chapter 1, study guide

Spell/vocab (TKMB chapter 1)--review fill sentence blanks

Independent Reading

"To Kill a Mockingbird"--review chapter 1 study guide; character: motivation, what's Dill like and what motivates him; read chapter 2, study guide

Spell/vocab (TKMB chapter 1)--fill sentence blanks in story; questions

"To Kill a Mockingbird"--review chapter 2 study guide; the plots, predictions, structure

Spell/vocab (TKMB chapter 1)--review story blanks, questions; flash cards, use the words in original stories