Lesson Plans
English 2 2nd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/07/2016 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Visit book fair

Satire--finish satirical cartoon analysis; consider the history behind "A Witch Trial at Mount Holly", read, respond to questions

Satire--review "Mount Holly"/the questions;

do a second satirical cartoon analysis: who is being attacked, how, what does the viewer need to know in order to understand; view video satire, summarize the content, indicate who is being attacked, indicate the strategy(s) used to create the satire (the attack)

Phrase identification--phrase definition: group of words, single part of speech, no sub/no verb; identification usefulness: reduction--The man who wore a red shirt ate the leftovers. -> The man in the red shirt ate the leftovers., punctuation--participial phrases at the beginning of clauses are set off from the rest with a comma;

prepositional phrase--definition, example, constructing; ex. 1, 2, Rev. A, p.471

Satire--finish cartoon and video analysis

Prepositional phrase--review ex.; verbal phrases: infinitive, participial, gerund; participial phrase--definition, example, constructing; ex. 5, Rev. B, p. 474

Satire--the most famous satire: "A Modest Proposal," Swift; read, respond to questions

Satire--review Swift, questions; Amazon watch review; revise cartoon and video analysis