Lesson Plans
English 2 3rd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/05/2007 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Journal due

Review All the Years of Her Life spell/vocab definitions; match in sentences, write originals

All the Years of Her Life--character qualities; finding character qualities in behaviours and descriptions and figurative langauge; plot structure

Revise object descriptions; character emotions; character descriptions: write character emotion through behaviours and descriptions; use figurative language
Sentence combining

Type character descriptions; evaluate for sentence fragments, form, character development

Clauses, sentences; find the clauses ex.
Sentence combining

Revise character descriptions

Clauses, sentences, sentence types: simple and compound sentences

Birds, Clouds, Frogs--list setting qualities; read; check off qualities in the story
Birds, Clouds, Frogs--review setting qualities; finding mood in descriptions and figurative language; plot structure

Write a setting, use figurative language and descriptions to deliver mood

Causes, sentences, sentence types: simple and compound sentences; complex sentences; identification ex.
Type settings; evaluate for sentence fragments, form, setting development; revise;

Clauses, sentences, sentence types: review ex.

Quiz on figurative language

Ambush--the present affected by the past though character, objects, setting; read; questions