Lesson Plans
English 2 3rd Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/01/2010 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Figurative language--symbolism in chapter 11 "To Kill A Mockingbird"; type symbolism paragraphs

"To Kill A Mockingbird"--read chapter 12; quiz on Tuesday

Spell/vocab: "To Kill" 2--type original stories

Figurative language--quiz

"To Kill"--quiz on chapter 12; read chapters 13-14, questions due Thursday

Literal/inferential comprehension--definitions, indicate types on quiz above

Typing time--spell/vocab; symbolism

Independent Reading

Figurative language--review quiz

"To Kill"--read chapter 13-14, questions due Thursday

Spell/vocab: "To Kill" 2--questions

Independent Reading

Spell/vocab: "To Kill" 2--quiz

"To Kill"--review questions; read chapters 15-16

Article of the Week: "Peeping Tom"--due; next article: "Cell Phones"--due Friday

"To Kill"--quiz on chapters 15-16; spell/vocab: new list, fill in sentence blanks; read chapters 17-18, questions

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