Lesson Plans
English 2 3rd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/05/2012 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Persuasion paper--revision

Spell/vocab (JC2)--draft original stories

Julius Caesar--characters and personalities: identify character traits (character traits visual) Brutus, Cassius, and Caesar present, locate the lines that reveal the trait

Independent Reading

Spell/vocab (JC2)--review

Julius Ceasar--read 1.3 to Cicero's exit: define "rived", define "portentous", what might the "unnatural" sights portend? how's Cicero respond to Casca such that his temperance is shown?; read to 1.3 end: how's Cassius explain who's at fault for Caesar's rise? why is Brutus important to the conspiracy?

Spell/vocab (JC2)--quiz; revise original stories

Julius Caesar--watch for what motivates Brutus; read 2.1 to the conspirators' exit: what will be the result of crowning Caesar? what happens when people rise over others, according to Brutus? what happens between the thought of a "dreadful thing" and its act? where's Casca point his sword? what's the symbolism? why doesn't Brutus need an oath? why might Cicero add to the conspirators' credibility? Why doesn't Brutus think they should assassinate Antony along with Caesar? what's Brutus really want to kill? how will Decius Brutus flatter Caesar?

Independent Reading

Julius Caesar--finish 2.1, read 2.2: contrast/compare Portia and Calpurnia;

Review the quarter

Make up work time