Lesson Plans
English 2 3rd Q 14.15 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/05/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school--winter break

Intro to class--objectives/activities, grading, rules, notebook

Summary/paraphrase/quote--finding the big ideas in a persuasive essay: the theme(s)/claim/thesis--read Krauthammer, list the thesis and the big idea

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--sentence elements: verb, subject--definitions, the questions chart

2:35-3:05 Sub

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--the questions: do ex. 3-4 (p.p. 442-443) in the Big Green Books in groups of two using the supplemental handout, turn in

Summary/paraphrase/quote--review Krauthammer's big ideas; summary definitions/features, paraphrase definitions/features, quote definitions/features; Krauthammer example; read Steves, list the big ideas

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--review definitions: verb--action, auxiliary (helper), an expression of existence (linking); subject: noun/pronoun, the "do'er or be'er", never in a prep phrase (review prep/prep phrase; the questions; in Green Book review ex. 3 (not 6, 9), ex. 4 (not 3, 4) in small groups, do ex. 5, due Friday

Summary/paraphrase/Quote--review summary, paraphrase, quote features; signal phrases; summarize Steves

Sent/Frag/Runon pretest
Class survey

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--review ex. 5, collect