Lesson Plans
English 2 3rd Q 16.17 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/20/2017 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Good writing--review specific and contrast with "synonym"; in groups do exercise 1: for any five words list two specific words;

connotation/denotation review, in groups do exercise 2;

loaded words: definition, use/abuse, in groups do ex. 6 (MLA formatted), print and email attachment;

figurative language: good/cliche: bad, do ex. 3 (all), ex. 4 (any five)

Persuasion--how does one get someone to do something?

Persuasion--three appeals: see notebook present on logical appeal with components claim/warrant/data--example: claim--seat belts should be, warrants--save money (logical, assuming saving money is good), evidence--National Highway Traffic Safety Administration: $26 billion dollars;

read and analyze Peters's "Exotic Pets": list the claim, the warrants, and for each warrant the data;

what the audience should do or believe, why, how do you figure

Good writing--slide show: conciseness (no redundancy, no wordiness (empty expressions); exercises in handout

Good writing--review redundancy, wordiness exercise

Persuasion--ethical appeals: read Krauthammer, list claim, list warrants, and (a trick) list evidence;

ethical (ethos) appeals: see slide show

claim--we should give blood, warrant--giving saves lives (ethical support for community, benevolence, but note the premise), evidence--Brookhaven National Laboratories 4.5 million lives: an touch of logos;


Good writing--tightening exercise, due Friday beginning of the period

read the garbage essay in the big green book, analyze the persuasive characteristics: claim, warrants/appeals; due Monday beginning of the period

Good writing--review tightening exercise

Shakespeare--Richard III video

For Monday--xxxxxSteves's "Travel"; list the claim, the warrants, and for each warrant the data due Friday at the beginning of the periodxxxxx