Lesson Plans
English 2 Block 5 and 6 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/24/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Intro to class--materials; objectives/standards; rules; testing; evaluation/grades/gradebook; notebook expectations: daily summary, weekly response to an activity; scope of the class activities

Argument/persuasion--the definitions: argument is conducted using appeals-do the notebook present (ArgumentAppeals, also see the class documents

Summary/paraphrase/quote and persuasion theory--finding the big ideas in a persuasive essay: the theme(s)/claim/thesis--read Krauthammer; define "malice" "patronizing" "nuance" "harangue" "connotation" ("denotation") "linguistic", list the thesis and the big idea

Sent/Frag/Runon pretest

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--sentence elements: verb, subject--definitions, the questions chart; do ex. 3-4 (p.p. 442-443) (not 6, 9 and 3, 4 respectively) in the Big Green Books in groups of two, review ex.

Summary/paraphrase/quote and persuasion theory--review Krauthammer: in groups list the words in the last several paragraphs that have similar negative connotations; Krauthammer's theme/claim big ideas; in groups list why Krauthammer argues as he does; in groups list the evidence he offers for each reason why we should do or believe as he wants; review lists

Summary/paraphrase/quote and persuasion theory--define summary; see example summary of Krauthammer; discuss the feature: how it directly states Krauthammer's theme/claim, mentions the warrants and the evidence; define paraphrase: note examples from the summary; define quote: note examples from the summary; read Steves, then read again and list the theme/claim, the warrants, and evidence that supports the warrants

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--understood subjects, sentences with "there" or "here", questions, auxiliaries; do ex. 8 and Review B (p.p.448-449)

Summary/paraphrase/quote and persuasion theory--discuss Steves's claim, warrants, evidence; consider the elements of a summary: summary, paraphrase, quote, citation; discuss the citation's elements in Krauthammer; see Citation Machine; summarize Steves, include paraphrase, quote, citation

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