Lesson Plans
English 2 Block 5 and 6 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/31/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Review prepositional phrases with them: a group of words that show relationships (between objects and between objects and actions), the group contains a preposition (one of the little words; hike your shoulders when saying them), an object of preposition (a noun or pronoun), and any modifiers of the object.

Have the students do the handout ex. (p. 27-28), starting in groups. After theyve had enough time to do the first side, stop and go over the answers. Assign the rest for homework, due first thing tomorrow.

Sentence elements/pronoun usage--In the big green books under their desks, have the students read through the pages (p.p. 446-448) on understood subjects, subjects in sentences with "there" or "here", subjects in questions; do ex. 8 (not #1 nor #9) and Review B (p.p.448-449): two columns on their papers: verb in the first column, subject in the second. Encourage the student to use the questions to identify the sentence elements. Give them just a few minutes to get started. The assignments are due first thing tomorrow.

Baseball must reduce the risk of fan injury. Theyre to read the article and list the claim(s), the warrants/big ideas, and the evidence. Tell them that for each piece of evidence they list, they must label it (fact, example, statistic, expert testimony, observation . . .); the list is due first thing tomorrow.
Review the answers on the back of the prepositional phrase ex. handout, collect. Review the answers to the verb/subject identification exercise, ex. 8 and Review B. Collect. Collect the lists from the Baseball must reduce the risk of fan injury article.

Pass out Upfront magazine. Tell the students to not write in them. Tell the students they have the rest of the period to page through it and to explore and finally to select and respond to one of the Features (not one of the departments). The response (on a notebook sheet to turn in): their name; the name of the article; the important ideas the article delivers: listing at least five; at least one question the student has regarding the article. They need to finish during the time remaining so they may return the magazines. If students finish, they should read a second, third . . . article in the magazine.
Collect mag article lists

Summary/paraphrase/quote--review paper format and content expectations

Citizenship test

Summary/paraphrase/quote--Read history requirement article; list claim, warrant(s), evidence

Notebooks turn in

Student survey

Sentence elements--direct objects

Summary/paraphrase/quote--History or Baseball article type summary

Ted Talk--augmented reality

No school