Lesson Plans
English 2 Block 5 and 6 1st Q 15.16 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/05/2015 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Ask the students if they have any questions about the The Ransom of Red Chief problems. They got the story and the problems on Friday. You can take time to let the students discuss the last two problems--the ones that focus in on the situational irony. Whom do we expect to pay? Whom do we expect to be fearful? How do we expect a father to react to his child being kidnapped: situational irony. Tell them to keep the stories for now, but turn in the problems sheet. Ive left the story (and problems for students absent on Friday) if you want to read it.

Pass back all the papers I went through over the weekend. Many students still have summary first drafts to turn in. Tell those students to email me their drafts. Some have first drafts completed and you passed them back today. Tell those students to respond to my comments and email me their second drafts.

For their persuasive papers, tell the students to find two more additional outside sources (to start, using the bibliographies from the articles theyve already read, which appear at the bottoms of each of those articles). Tell them to consider what development they need to fully support their warrants and to scan the bibliographic entries. For each of the two new sources, they must complete a Persuasive Analysis Worksheet, due tomorrow.

Remind them that their intro paragraph is due to me (emailed as an attachment) by the end of Tuesdays class.

Now off to the Media Center Computer Lab

Sentence element/pronoun usage--quiz

Persuasion paper--draft intro to the persuasive essay, email to hannan@wwgschools.org, due end of period; draft body paragraphs, body paragraphs due end of the period on Thursday

Review the definition of dramatic irony--the audience (or other characters) knows something important that the main character doesnt know. Pass out Lamb to the Slaughter and the accompanying problems. Due Friday beginning of the class. Note that the "l" means reply with a list; s means reply with a sentence. They may prioritize their time, but . . .

Off to the computer lab: summary/persuasion theory--draft body paragraphs, due end of the period on Thursday

Summary/persuasion theory--body paragraphs due end of period (printed and turned in, they may disregard MLA requriements).

Irony analysis--"Lamb to the Slaughter", questions due Friday beginning of the period

Sentence element/pronoun usage--review quiz

Summary/persuasion theory--prose pounding

Irony analysis--review "Lamb to the Slaughter"; review the types of irony; read "On the Quay at Smyrna", discuss the irony

Ted Talk