Lesson Plans
English 2 Per. 4 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/08/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Computer Cart

Julius Caesar--act 2 spell/vocab list: define, use in sentence blanks

Poem analysis--ex.: indicate the stressed and unstressed syllables, analyze the rhythmic form and label

Reading strategies/revision

Computer Cart

Julius Caesar--consider scene for video interpretation;

Spell/vocab--review sentence blanks ex., use the word in story blanks

Reading strategies/revision

Spell/vocab--review sentence blanks ex.; do story blanks ex.

Grad test prep--discuss Grad's test evaluation criteria take a sample test, discuss

Poetry--review the worksheet from Monday; do the creation exercise on the back; another poetry tool: assonance and alliteration--define and identify

Reading strategies/revision

Julius Caesar--review our position in the play, consider scene for video interpretation; read around to the knock at the door; character motivation--find lines that suggest "war with self"

Spell/vocab--review story blank handout, respond to questions using vocal

Grad test prep--tone/mood/author's purpose; sample test/discussion

Spell/vocab--review questions; draft story (typed on Monday)

Julius Caesar--see video to knock at the door; read around to the oath: why not make it?; what's Cassius say to Brutus when the step away and talk

Grad test prep--review sample test; review evidence/support quality (bias), review fact opinion/vocab in context; sample test