Lesson Plans
English 2 Per. 6 3rd Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 02/04/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Persuasion--do 1-3 on the persuasion activity handout: read 255-270 (big green book), list the big idea; do "Your Turn" p. 257; which type of appeal is not present in the reading (w); all due Tuesday

Spell/vocab ("Appeals")--do questions handout (due Tuesday)

Independent Reading

Persuasion--creating a portfolio of activities

Spell/vocab/Irony--revise drafts of story/essay (Media Center Computer Lab)

Mixed Blood Theater--2:15

Spell/vocab ("Appeals")--review questions; drafting story with the words

Persuasion--review the big ideas from the reading: denotation/connotation, review "Your Turn" and what appeal is missing from the reading, list evidence types list opinion types; read "Force Fed Television"--what's the author want the reader to do or believe, list examples of "loaded language", list claim/evidence/warrants, respond to the embedded questions (s)

Spell/vocab ("Appeals")--type story with the words (Media Center Computer Lab); review for quiz

Persuasion--work through #12 on Persuasion work sheet (Media Center Computer Lab)

Spell/vocab ("Appeals")--quiz

Persuasion--the Gale collection of periodical databases: keyword/database to results types; (Media Center Computer Lab); select an issue, find an editorial regarding the issue, list the claim, evidence, warrants, what types of opinions, what types of evidence, what types of appeals