Lesson Plans
English 2 Per. 6 4th Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/22/2013 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Poetry--figurative language, blank verse, rhyme scheme; designed poem

Spell/vocab (JC act 2)--questions handout 2

Julius Caesar--consider a scene to present; finish act 2, scene 1; what arguments does Portia use to convince Brutus to reveal his secrets?: respond with paragraph

Independent Reading

Spell/vocab (JC act 2)--review questions 2 handout

Julius Caesar--review act 2, scene 1: the arguments Portia makes to convince Brutus to reveal his secrets; read act 2, scene 2 to Decius Brutus enters: the arguments Calpurnia makes to convince Caesar to stay home; video to Decius Brutus's entry

Computers 1st half

Spell/vocab (JC act 2)--revise spell/vocab original stories; quiz

Poetry--type designed poem

Julius Caesar--type paragraph from Monday, type paragraph from Tuesday; finish act 2


Class takes place at 10:00 (3rd period/6th period flip)

Spell/vocab--review quiz

Julius Caesar--review act 2 (handout)

Poetry--review terms: meter/scansion, rhyme scheme, figurative language, assonance/alliteration/consonance


Julius Caesar--review act 2 review; quiz

Poetry--review review; quiz

Shakespeare--In Search of Shakespeare video