Lesson Plans
English 2 Period 1 3rd Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 03/03/2008 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Hand in Pronoun Usage Ex.
Hand in 2.1.150 to end of act questions
Begin Act 3 work: spelling/vocab sheet
Locate words in 3.2 and label on the worksheet the part of speech you think each is
Go over wksht B (pronouns) in detail
In lab: dictionary.com; write definitions and other forms of words; fill out worksheet.
Homework: write a new sentence using each word correctly. Due Thursday

Begin reading Act 3.1. if time.

Homework: pronoun usage review Due tomorrow QUIZ FRIDAY 7TH
Hand in pronoun usage review
Appositives pp. 483/484 read and discuss
Homework: Worksheet on appositives due tomorrow
Pronouns as appositives PP. 561 and 562
Review E: 1,8
Review H: 10
Homework: Pronoun usage exercise Due Thursday. QUIZ FRIDAY 7TH
Hand in pronoun usage exercise
Finish Act 3.1.
Last opportunity to clarify correct pronoun usage. QUIZ TOMORROW
In lab type summary paragraph of Act 3.1. Use no more than 5 sentences.
On same paper, answer this question: What most illustrates the comic nature of the mechanicals? (What makes these mechanicals funny? What devices does Shakespeare use to make them funny?)

Have a good weekend. Wear your seatbelt!