Lesson Plans
English 2 Period 4 1st Q 08.09 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/08/2008 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Gilgamesh--read "The Forest Journey" to p. 81: cultural values lead to motivation--why Gilgamesh seeks Humbaba, how Gilgamesh motivates Enkidu to carry on: paragraph response

Vocabulary building--review figurative language ex.; cut and paste figurative language with its label ex.; context clues review: define words using context ex.

Vocabulary building--review ex. from Monday; answer questions related to reading passage in ex.

Gilgamesh--type paragraph; read to the end of "The Forest Journey"

Gilgamesh--read "Ishtar and Gilgamesh"; why Gilgamesh doesn't want to marry Ishtar; Ishtar's reaction; how Enkidu react to news of his death; what Gilgamesh learns from Enkidu's dream

Vocabulary building--review context clues, figurative language ex.

Vocabulary building--quiz on context clues and figurative language

Gilgamesh--review reading from Wednesday; the little episodes; comic project: make a comic of an episode using Comic Life, evaluation criteria: images match the captions, captions flow

Gilgamesh--comic activity, presentation; the important words in "The Search for Everlasting Life"; epic conventions; read "The Search for Everlasting Life", identify epic conventions

Vocabulary building--symbolism: the symbols in Gilgamesh