Lesson Plans
English 2 Period 4 4th Q 07.08 Lesson Plans
Week: 04/21/2008 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
"The Grapes of Wrath"--review chapter 4: list qualities of Casy's religion, connections between chapters; spell/vocab 1-2 fill sentence blanks/matching; read chapter 5, questions

The 1930s life project/"the Anlage of movement": type draft, add graphics

"The Grapes of Wrath"--review chapter 5; spell/vocab: questions; read chapter 6, questions

The 1930s life project presentations

"The Grapes of Wrath"--review chapter 6; spell/vocab: use the words in an original story; read chapter 7: voices cut up activity

The 1930s life project presentations

"The Grapes of Wrath"--spell/vocab: type original story; read chapter 8: Ma's role in the family structure, the family structure

The 1930s life project presentations

"The Grapes of Wrath"--read chapter 9: the seeds of organization; read chapter 10, questions

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