Lesson Plans
English 2 Period 5 3rd Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 01/30/2006 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Sentence Combining.

Expository essay structure--elements exercise; add a hook to the essay draft; conclusions: strategies for producing closure; add a conclusion to the essay.

State writing test prompts; evaluation criteria.

Expository essay writing practice.

Culture 101--Why is the appointment of Judge Alito to the Supreme Court such a big deal?
State Writing Test--1st to 3rd Periods.

Shakespeare Video: "Much Ado About Nothing."

Culture 101.
Shakespeare Video: "Much Ado About Nothing."

Literary Elements--plot/conflict: review conflict types; define plot and plot elements. Spell/vocab list, matching. Read "Jug of Silver;" questions.

Issue logs. Due next Wednesday.

Culture 101.

Review "Jug of Silver": plot, plot structure; symbolism. Spell/vocab questions. Read "The Secret Life of Walter Mitty," questions. Represent plot structure with graphic.

Culture 101.

Finish Walter Mitty plot structure graphic; present graphics. Spell/Vocab sentences.

Literary Elements--character: define, examples, related terms: antagonist, protagonist, static, dynamic. Read "Through the Tunnel," questions.

Culture 101.