Lesson Plans
English 2 period 4 2nd Q 06.07 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/11/2006 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
Good writing--specificity: exercise; developing details/images: exercise; unity: exercise

Evaluation criteria: clarity, coherence, form

Peer evaluations of expository essay
Good writing--sentence type variety: exercise; sentence length: exercise

Expository essay revision

Expository writing--best paragraph
Expository writing--best paragraph

Intro to "Julius Caesar"--historical background: Caesar returns to Rome after beating the last former Triumvir, Pompey; he's hugely popular, and he's given great honors: dictatorship, some want him king; but his rise to power scares some. Play the act 1, scene 1 2-3 time until everyone gets the attitudes and puns; what might the crowd's change of heart suggest about crowds? how are they moved? why does Marullus ask about taking down the decorations? what is his and Flavius's fear? do students believe in soothsayers?;

Spell/vocab fill blanks/write sentences
"Julius Caesar"--the warning: competition for the best soothsayer; read the exchange between Brutus and Cassius--what's wrong with Brutus? how does he show it? notice the structure: before Cassius gets around to being direct, the attention shifts off stage, which then leads to a breech of the subject; where is Cassius bitterest? what are the arguements Cassius makes against Caesar? what imagery is contained in each? Cassius and Brutus's politics

Spell/vocab fill blanks/write sentences

Start making character lists on board
"Julius Caesar"--

Video: "Romeo and Juliet"