Lesson Plans
English 8A 1st Q 12.13 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/20/2012 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Per. 1-Shortened class/seating/rules-syllabus
Discuss IR time for getting books/after NWEA scores for new lexiles
Talk about 3-ring binder, three hole punch.
Begin to discuss Essay #1-Assign. Essay #1 brainstorming and thesis due on Thursday.
Handout "Hattie Big Sky" plus worksheet #1/assign. 1/2 Q's for Wed.BACKGROUND
Handout Grammar study-Nouns/review with diagramming
Reading time
Go over last set of Q's on "Hattie Big Sky"-Read aloud major points/discuss any vocabulary on board.
Assign. rest of Wkst. #1 for Friday.
Grammar review-nouns
Essay brainstorming and thesis due-read aloud the theses to class-will they work? Why or why not-Handback for revision if necessary.Collect for grade.
Grammar review/diagramming challenge
Reading time
Finish Hattie Wkst. #1=quiz on Monday. Handout worksheet #2
Grammar review-nouns quiz over work so far.
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