Lesson Plans
English 8A 2nd Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/28/2011 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Pass back Ess.3,br/thesis-Are points connected to success in life??Discuss
Assign. para. #1 for Thursday.
Go over information from 15/16 worksheets/How is Hattie affected by these events?
Prep for final on Tuesday.
IR time if any time left
Mrs. Kleven's last day until Dec. 8
Mrs. Joyce Madson-SUB
Hattie final
Collect books/worksheets/test
Hand out AVI "Nothing but the Truth" along with lst notes page and verb handout.
Work on for Wednesday
Begin to go over AVI, "Nothing but the Truth", discuss the "politics" of high school-is it a fair situation for students"? Does it prepare you for the Real World?
Discuss lst notes, begin to go over word study-

Verb study p. 18, exercise #2-DIAGRAM in teams Ex. 1, p. 18 #10. Turn in sheet from group with attempted diagram!!!!
Collect Ess. 3, para. #1
Quiz over "Nothing but the Truth" lst notes
Finish any vocab study that was not gone over
Handout Worksheet #1 for Monday. p 1-19.
WORK TIME (Each worksheet has answer key.)
last 15-20 min. TABOO