Lesson Plans
English 9 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 11/26/2001 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Go over worksheet #9, "Tale".
Handout worksheet, #10.
Spell Test #6
Start grammar review over subject-verb agree., pp. 167-170.
Assign: do Worksheet 10 for Tues.
Go over worksheet # 10, "Tale"
Handout worksheet # 11.
Spell Game # 7 in groups.
Cont. subj-verb agree. pp. 171-174.
Assign: do worksheet 11 for Wed., last worksheet of "A Tale of Two Cities"
Go over worksheet # 11. Watch rest of tape on "Tale". Prep for final essay test on Thursday.
Do Spell Study # 7.
Finish subject-verb review with pp. 175-178.
Final essay over "A Tale of Two Cities". Use book and worksheets. Turn in book when done. Make sure Library copies go back there.
Students pick up lit. books with first "Romeo and Juliet" handout.
Assign: Read handout and begining information on R & J.
Watch "Shakespeare in Love" educational tape as introduction.
Go over handouts on R & J.
Quiz over Subj.-Verb agreement.
Assign: Look up all words in R & J vocab list for Mon. 12/3
"Jurassic Park"