Lesson Plans
English 9 2nd Q 01.02 Lesson Plans
Week: 12/03/2001 Instructor: Beth Kleven Academics
Final essay test over "A Tale of Two Cities"-show ending of movie before test.
Can use textbook and notes.
Turn in books, return copies to library. Pick up lit. book and first handout of "Romeo and Juliet", theater plan and vocab list to look up words for Thursday, using lit. book.
Watch "Shakespeare in Love" EDUC. video. Discuss.
Go over handouts from Monday, give first set of notes from board, prepping for Shakespeare.
Cont. with subject-verb agreement, worksheets pp. 169-170.
Watch 1/2 of tape on Shakespeare's life. Discuss.
Give 2nd set of notes for prepping for Shakespeare.
Cont. with subject-verb agreement worksheets, pp. 171-174
Spell Game# 7
Start Act I of R & J with worksheet to answer.
Go over vocab list and relate to play.
Add to terms list each day.-hand out terms list.
Spell Study 7
Finish Act I and answer all questions on worksheet.
Quiz over beginning notes.
Watch Act I of "Romeo and Juliet"-l968 version
"Jurassic Park" if any time left.