Lesson Plans
English II 1st Q 05.06 Lesson Plans
Week: 08/29/2005 Instructor: Duane Hannan Academics
No school.
No school--faculty workshop.
No school--faculty workshop.
Intro to class--goals, rules. Discuss education process/responsibilities.

Reading log instructions: weekly reading on student selected issue; log responses--who wrote the piece, the name of the article, the name of the magazine, the date of the issue, the pages upon which the article appears, what's the author's purpose for writing, what's the author's position/attitude, what evidence is there for the statement, what points/argurments does the author make, what evidence does the author offer for the points/arguements, what are 10 words key to understanding the piece, what did the student learn, what's the students reaction--does the author make an effective case. List issues on board; select an issue; move to library to find the weekly article--due Tuesday.
Group dynamics activity--list the roles members of groups play in a group; transform list into chart, print copy for each student.

Commemorative days--in large group, list five commemorative days; in small groups, list for 5-10 minutes; do group dynamics evaluation. Dump drawer; four students classify contents for 5-10 minutes. Discuss criteria for grouping, process for arriving at criteria.

In same small groups, students classify their commemorative days, creating a chart matrix: categories vs. days.

The sentence and sentence types--students write a sentence, on the board classify each by name: simple, compound, complex, compound/complex. Why have each in your writing? Define each. Clauses/clause types; define: independent clause, subordinate (dependent clause); ex. 1, p. 493-494, subordinate clause types: adjective, adverb, noun--list examples; identify each; define.