Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 1st Q 09.10 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/14/2009 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Math: Mad Minute
Problem of Day 1-3 and Spiral Review 1-3
lace Value Patterns pgs. 10-11
Reading: Skill Lesson- Sequence read pgs. 44-45 WB pg. 11
Vocabulary- TE pg. 46b- Workbook pg. 12- Extra worksheets
English: DOL
Flip Chart
Sentences- TE pg. 69g-WB pg. 6
Spelling: Short e/Long e
TE pg. 69j
Write words to take home
WB pg. 5
Social Studies: When and Where Atlas pgs. 10-11
Vocabualry for Unit 1
What is Geography? Graphic Organizer 1-Read pgs. 13-19
Guided Reading

Math: Mad Minute
Problem of Day 1-4 and Spiral review 1-4
Read and Understand- pgs. 12-13
Review pg. 15
Reading: Teacher read pgs. 47-65
Wb pg. 13
English: DOL
Flip Chart
Subjects/Predicates-TE pg. 69g- WB pg. 7
Spelling: Proofread- TE pg. 69j - WB pg. 7
Think/Practice- Te pg. 69g - WB pg. 6
Social: What is Geography?
Worksheet pg. 15
Worksheet pg. 16
Read pgs. 13-19
Guided Reading

Math: Mad Minute
Problem of Day 1-5 and Spiral Review 1-5
Comparing and Ordering Numbers- pgs. 16-17
Reading: Review story (pgs. 47-65) using teacher worksheet
Students read pgs. 47-65
WB pgs. 15-16
English: DOL
Flip Chart
Subjects/Predicates-Te pg. 69g- WB pg. 8
Spelling: Creative Writing
Social Studies: What is Geography?
WB pgs. 1-2 and 3-4
Guided Reading
Math: Mad Minute
Comparing and Ordering Numbers -pgs. 18-19
Reading: The American Railraod- Read pgs. 68-69
Cause/Effect- TE pg. 69b - WB pg. 17
Research Process-TE pg. 69l-WB pgs. 19-20
English: DOL
Flip Chart
TE pg. 69h
WB pgs. 9-10
Spelling: Sentence Dictation - TE pg. 69j
Review- TE pg. 69j
WB pg. 8
Social Studies: Graphic Organizer 2
Read pgs. 26-29
WB pgs. 5-6
Health: Digestive System
Read pgs. 8-9
Worksheet pg. 4

Math: Mad Minute
Problem of DAy 1-6 and Spiral Review 1-6
Rounding Numbers
pgs. 20-21
Reading: National Geographic Week #1
English: Grammar/ Writing - WB pgs. 5-8
Spelling: Test over words with Short e/ Long e
TE pg. 69
Map: Land and Water pg. 7
Social Studies ; Bus Safety Poster
Health: Circulatory System- Read pgs. 10-11
Respiratory System: Read pgs. 12-13
Nervous System- Read pgs. 14-15