Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 09/05/2011 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Labor Day No School
Math-Mad Minute-Using Money to Understand Decimals-pgs. 16-17-worksheets
Reading-Compare/Contrast-Read pgs. 70-71 and WB pg. 21-Vocabulary-TE pg. 72b and WB pg. 22-Vocabulary Poster and Extra worksheet
Social-Chapter 2-Vocabulary words-Read-The American Land-worksheet pg. 36- Landscape of Our Country-WB pgs. 11-12
English-DOL and Flip Chart-Simple Subjects- A: pgs. 16-17
Spelling-Long a: a, ai, ay pg. T26-Write Spelling words to take home-Connections to Thinking-pg. 26-word search
Phonics-Short o pg. 7
Math- Mad Minute- Problem of Day 1-6 and Spiral Review 1-6- Counting Money and Making Change- pgs. 18-19-Math Minute
Reading-Read about author pgs. 90-92- Teacher read pgs. 73-89-asking questions while reading-WB pg. 23-Vocabulary poster
English-DOL and Flip Chart-Simple Subjects-B: pg. 17
Spelling- Long a: a, ai, ay - TE pg. 27-Connections to Vocabulary pg. 27-Crossword
Phonics- Short o pg. 8
Math- Mad Minute- Counting Money and Making Change-pgs. 18-19- worksheets
Reading-Review story- Students read pgs. 73-89-Selection Test WB pgs. 25-26
Health-Muscular System-pgs. 6-7 and worksheets
Guided Reading
English-DOL and Flip Chart- Simple Subjects-C: pg. 18 and D: pg. 19
Spelling- Long A: a, ai, ay TE pg. 27- Connections to Reading pg. 28
Phonics- Short u pg. 9
Math- Friday Test Questions and Accelerated Math
Reading- Making Music- Read pgs. 94-95-Sequence TE pg. 95b and WB pg. 27
Vowel Digraphs- TE pg. 95i and WB pg. 28- Worksheet
Health-Digestive System-pgs. 8-9 and worksheet pg. 4
Guided Reading
Spelling- Test over words with Long a; a, ai, ay TE pg. 26
Daily Geography Week 2
Phonics- Short u pg. 10