Lesson Plans
Erickson 4th Grade 1st Q 11.12 Lesson Plans
Week: 10/24/2011 Instructor: Marcia Erickson Academics
Integration Day
Math: Mad Minute and flash cards- Problem of Day 3-5 and Spiral Review 3-5- 6, 7, 8 as factors pgs. 64-65- worksheets and math minute
Reading: Reading packet- Spectrum Reading- National Geographic
Social Studies: Changing Boundaries- Changing the Face of the Regions WB pg. 28
English: DOL and Flip Chart- Fragments and Run-Ons Parts C and D: pgs. 30-31
Spelling: Word Study pg. T68 and WB pg.68 crossword
Phonics: Vowel Digraphs al, all, /o/- WB pg. 27
Ordway and Minnesota Zoo
Prairie Winds Festival in Walnut Grove
Math: Flash cards- Problem of Day 3-6 and Spiral Review 3-6- 10, 11, 12 as factors pgs. 66-67
Reading: Reading Skills Sheet
Health: Challenges of Friendships pgs. 32-37- Activity Book pg. 9
Spelling: Test over words with Diphthongs /oi/, /ou/ pg. T64
Daily Geography
Phonics: Vowel Digraphs au, aw, al, all /o/- WB pg. 28